10 Advices To Obey the Traffic Rules in India

traffic rules in India

Why Traffic Rules?

Traffic laws and rules are set for our own safety, and by following these, we are only making our future secured. There are a few things and rules that you must consider while driving, to make driving more secure and free from accidents.

Below are the 10 advice that you must follow and make your teen children follow so they become responsible citizens of the country:

  1. If you are traveling in a car and notice that the driver is not wearing a seat belt, request the driver to fasten his/her seat belt. This will not only ensure your safety, but the driver’s safety first. This is one of the major travel and traffic rules that we all must follow. It sounds very cliche, but according to recent reports, most of the accidents on Indian roads happen because of not following such little and basic safety measures.
  2. Send your vehicle to a service center for its maintenance and get the speed and pedals of the vehicle tested. You need to be aware of the speed limits that you are bound to follow, while you drive on the highways.
  3. Sometimes, despite following the traffic rules properly, the other driver may distract you and put you in trouble for his reckless behavior. Under such circumstances, it is important that you inform the traffic police about such incidents, and also keep a few contacts of the speeding ticket attorneys, to prove your innocence.
  4. Make sure you reduce your speed on the wet and icy roads and also during poor weather. This helps to prevent any damages or road accidents caused due to slip and fall.
  5. Many cars have speedometers that help you stay connected and understand the distance between the vehicles. Keep a check on the speedometer and maintain the distance of your car from the other car, accordingly. If you are in touch with a few speeding ticket attorneys, they will explain to you that most of the cases they undertake are because of the inappropriate distance of the car, because of which the speed gets imbalanced, resulting in a crash. You must remember a line here as they say ‘Speed thrills but kills’.
  6. When there is an ambulance seeking your support for space by flashing the blue light, slow down, and give them space immediately. You never know how urgent it is for them to reach the hospital.
  7. During an unfortunate event, if your car breaks down while driving, it is important that you hit the emergency switch off the lights. This will give others your situation and you never know, you might receive some help.
  8. Do not speed up your car if you are hungry or sleepy. It is ok to park aside and rest for a while.
  9. Never stop or start your car suddenly. A sudden stop or start of the vehicle has a high chance of facing an accident.
  10. Never take a U-turn from the wrong area. Only take turns where there are signs of go ahead with the U-turn and slow down while you take a turn.

Recently, in 2020, some Amendments in the Motor Vehicles Act have made traffic challans more stringent to reduce such mis-happenings on the roads. As a responsible citizen, you must be aware of the law and be concerned about your responsibilities towards your family and society at large.

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