About Law Planet

So you want to know about Law Planet. Let’s tell you a long story short about ourselves.


Law Planet was started as a YouTube channel in the early months of 2018, and since then the journey has been with lots of Ups and Downs.

We tried to create content free of cost to spread legal awareness and also to help law students in their studies.

As time passed, most of you appreciated our work and encouraged us to make more and more content. People like you gave us suggestions on how to improve, which helped us grow. We are thankful for their observations and kind suggestions.

The family grew bigger and demanded notes, courses, analysis on current legal topics. After a lot of effort and investments, we finally launched https://lawplanet.in especially for those who want to remain updated about legal happenings and want to learn more.

As we launched this website, we tried to provide affordable courses for Law Entrance exams, Judicial Services, UPSC Law Optional. We tried to provide hand-crafted mock tests to prepare the students for a hands-on experience of the exam and to remain ahead of the competition.

We tried to make our products as affordable as we could. Everyone knows the efforts and investment in assets require monetary support, so minimal costs by the students will help us run this platform and to serve the good to students and to citizens.

Don’t worry, we also provide free legal content such as law notes, case laws. And you can always rely on our YouTube channel.

You are free to give any suggestions or request content. We will try to provide either through our website or our ‘LAW PLANET‘ YouTube channel.

Thank You again!

For any query: Contact us at [email protected]